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Lesser Evil - Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn, 5 Oz
LesserEvil Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn is made with organic coconut oil, Himalayan Salt, organic non-GMO popcorn, and natural flavors that give it such a beautiful buttery taste. Each kernel is air popped to perfection, making it more tender and...
Lesser Evil – Organic Avacado-Licious Popcorn, 5 Oz
Snack the healthy way with Lesser Evil Avocado-licious Popcorn. It’s the perfect guilt-free snack for movie nights. What’s more, it’s flavored with the perfect blend of real avocado oil and Himalayan sea salt for that mild savory but addicting taste....
Skinny Pop - Original Popcorn, 4.4 Oz
Skinny Pop Original Popcorn is made with clean and simple ingredients: Skinny Pop plant based popcorn, sunflower oil, and a dash of sea salt. Skinny Pop Popcorn lets you enjoy the taste of delicious popcorn and keeps you feeling skinny....
Angie's - BOOMCHICKAPOP® Popcorn
Missing something from your day? Angie’s BOOMCHIKAPOP popcorn is the perfect snack to make your day POP. Try once and BOOM you won’t be able to stop. Key Information Pre-popped and ready to eat Gluten and cholesterol-free Non-GMO Whole grain...
NoochPop - Popcorn
Snacking is made so much easier, healthier and guilt-free with sweet and salty, crunchy, mouth-watering NoochPop Organic Popcorn. Key Information Coming in three delicious, unique flavours Popped in three oils: coconut, olive and avocado Made with amazing organic ingredients Dairy-free,...
Sacred Foods - Popped Lotus Seeds Snacks, 40g
These little bags of flavour and crunch will be the best thing you buy today. Sacred Foods’ Popped Lotus Seed Snacks are the perfect, on-the-go munch!  Key Information Organic Popped Lotus Seed Snacks 4g of plant protein Whole grain Non-GMO...
Madegood - Mixed Berry Granola Minis, 3.4 Oz
Madegood Mixed Berry Granola Minis are a gluten-free bite of granola blended with the sweet and tart taste of blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and oats. Each bite helps keep you feeling fuller, longer and tastes like a mini berry crumble. Each...
1 review Eden Foods - Organic Popcorn, 566g
Eden Foods - Organic Popcorn, 566g
Snack away guilt-free with Eden Foods organic whole grain, family farm non-GMO certified popping corn, sure to provide the fluffiest, most satisfying pop.  Key Information Family Farm Certified Organic 100% whole grain Tested GMO-Free Excellent source of fibre Low in...
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