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Soup, soup, glorious soup. Where would we be without it? Throat-soothing, belly-warming and immune-boosting, soup is the ultimate comfort food. In fact, let’s make that a souperfood! Not only is a steaming bowl of soup the perfect cold-buster when you’ve got the sniffles, it also makes a delicious lunch or evening meal along with some warm crusty bread, or an elegant first course at your dinner party. In some cultures, they eat soup for breakfast! To that we say sign us up! 

There is a different kind of soup to suit everyone - broths, chowders, consommes, noodle soups, chunky soups, smooth soups, cold soups, even fruit soups! It all boils down to what you fancy (or what you have hidden at the back of the fridge). Here at PlantX, we have an amazing range of soups to please every palate, all 100% plant-based, 100% cruelty-free and 100% delicious! 

History of Soup

The history of soup is about as old as the history of cooking itself! It was invented around the same time as the cooking pot and humanity has never looked back since. In fact, you could say soup is at the heart of what makes us human. Before we learnt to consume boiled meat and plants in the form of soup, our days were mainly spent chewing. Long hours grinding up fibrous roughage or tough meat required large, strong back teeth and a very reliable appendix.

Now we can live happily sans appendix, and the wisdom teeth that appear in our late teens are usually nothing more than an inconvenience. These vestigial bodily functions hark back to a time before soup! As our food got softer and more digestible, our teeth shrank and our brains got bigger. With more time and energy on our hands, we began to build civilizations. All thanks to our good friend soup! 

Soup in some form or another features in pretty much every cuisine on the planet. The word ‘restaurant’ even comes from soup! It is derived from the name of the nourishing soup served by 18th century street food peddlers known as a ‘restoratif’, advertised as a soothing antidote to ailments and exhaustion. And though restaurants may have branched out to serve more than just soup, our favourite restorative remains the same. 

Is Soup Vegan-Friendly? 

It is true that many traditional soups contain animal-based products. Stock bases are often made by boiling up bones, and some soups have dairy products swirled in at the end for added creaminess. However, there are plenty of historic soups that have never contained any animal products. Soup was economical and meat was expensive, so some of the most delicious traditional soups from around the world are naturally 100% vegan. And, thanks to plant-based pioneering, it couldn’t be easier to make bone-free broths that are intensely flavored and rich, or give cream of mushroom that classic velvety texture without a dairy product in sight. 

Soups - PlantX Style

While slowly simmering a pot of soup on the stove, following a tattered recipe in your grandmother’s handwriting, or throwing together everything from the bottom of the vegetable drawer into a soupy surprise is a great way to while away the hours, we know you don’t always have hours to while. Here at PlantX, we have a fantastic range of ready-to-warm options, inspired by soups from all over the world. If you’re feeling spoiled for choice, here are some of our top picks…

1. Upton’s Naturals Vegan Chick & Noodle Soup

It’s not just soup-erstition; did you know chicken soup has actually been scientifically proven to help relieve cold symptoms? This is chicken soup for the vegan soul. Made from simple, natural ingredients and seitan chicken, Upton Naturals have finally made a cold-curing, immune-boosting hug in a bowl that us plant-based folks can enjoy as well. Eat it when you’re under the weather, bring it to your ailing pals, or enjoy it when you just need a hearty, nutritious dose of comfort! Our advice: keep a can (or three) in the pantry at all times. 

PlantX Top Tip: If you’ve got any languishing green veggies waiting to be used up, chop them up into small pieces and add them to this soup for an extra vitamin boost. Kale, cabbage, broccoli or spinach would all work well. 

2. Annie Chun’s Miso Soup Bowl

Umami, delicate and cleansing, miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup, made with seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and soft tofu. It is estimated that over three quarters of the Japanese population eat miso soup at least once a day and we can see why. Low in calories and high in protein, this savory broth is bursting with health benefits. Annie Chun’s convenient instant Miso Soup Bowl is packed full of chewy udon noodles to make a satisfying meal, ready when you are!

3. Dr Mcdougall’s – Black Bean And Lime Soup Cup

This is a vegan take on a traditional soup eaten all over Mexico called sopa de frijol negro. Dating back to the time of the pre-hispanic civilizations, this ancient soup is rich, nutritious and full of authentic Mexican flavors. Made from nourishing, protein-rich black beans, zesty limes and fiery chilis, Dr Mcdougall’s Soup Cup is a portable, warming boost of plant power, ideal for enjoying on the go.

PlantX Top Tip: If you’re serving this soup at home, indulge in some typical Mexican garnishes. Scatter the top with vegan cheese or sour cream, or you could even fry up some tortilla strips for some added crunch. 

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