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Risotto all’arrabbiata

Minor Figures - Barista Oat Milk, 1L
Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk gives you an entirely guilt-free, yet extremely delicious way of enjoying your favourite hot beverage. Key Information Fantastic dairy-free source of Calcium Created by baristas for baristas Steaming will give you delicious, silky foam Keep...
Angostura - Aromatic Bitters, 100ml
Add depth and complexity to your preferred evening tipple and favourite dishes with Angostura Bitters, an essential ingredient in drinks known and loved across the world.  Key Information ABV: 44.7% vol Enhances flavour in both food and drink Sodium and...
Blume - Drink Blends
Blume’s latte range of Drink Blends encapsulates traditional and exotic pairings of flavours to brighten up your morning or day with their easy-to-use scoop pouches.  Key Information Water-soluble powders to combine with plant-based milks or water 4 delicious flavours Vegan...
from C$19.99
Clover Botanicals - Adaptogenic Herbal Teas
Delight in these teas from Clover Botanicals, carefully designed to leave you feeling bright and alive with a special blend of 100% natural and organic botanicals. Key Information Vegan-Friendly Product Uses 100% Organic and Natural Ingredients Naturally Gluten-Free Non-GMO Compostable...
Mogiana - Mogiana Coffee
Mogiana Coffee is a small-batch, artisan-roasted coffee that is sustainably grown on ethical farms. Delivering high-quality freshness and flavour. Key Information 100% Arabica coffee beans Totally vegan Premium small-batch coffee Sustainable practices Product Overview Mogiana Coffee brings out the best...
Health-Ade Kombucha - Kombucha (Assorted Flavors), 473ml
Made with organic cold-pressed juice and naturally fermented living tea, Health-Ade Kombucha in Assorted Flavours is refreshing, detoxifying and energising. Key Information Probiotic-Powered Kombucha Blended with Cold-Pressed Juice Available in Bubbly Rose, Cayenne Cleanse, Ginger Lemon & Watermelon Flavours 1...
Let's Do Organics - Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk, 195ml
Using Let's Do...Organic Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk to indulge your sweet tooth will result in healthier, absolutely decadent sweets and desserts.  Key Information Versatility to the max! Wonderful dairy-free substitute for desserts Made with organic ingredients Gluten-free and Kosher 120...
Two Bears - Frothed Matcha Tea Oat Milk Latte, 250ml
Boost your day the coffee-free way with Two Bears Frothed Matcha Tea Oat Milk latte. Delight in the unbeatably creamy, earthy frothy sweetness! Key Information Only 80 calories per can Crafted with Gluten-Free oat milk  Added nitrogen for rich frothy...
Vyne Botanicals - VYNE Botanical Infused Sparkling Water, 355ml
Vyne Botanicals delivers revitalizing refreshment with its Infused Sparkling Waters that come in Citrus, Floral and Herbal varieties! Key Information No added sugar, calories or alcohol  Made with natural flavours from the Botanics Refreshing drink or mixer Fruity, floral and...
Sea Cider - "Temperance" Ciders
The award-winning, non-alcoholic ciders in the Sea Cider Temperance Range come in a range of assorted flavours that pair perfectly with all kinds of dishes! Key Information Award-Winning Cider Brand  Grown on a Certified Organic Farm  Free From Added Sugars,...
C$11.99 from C$7.94
Fuse & Sip - Drink Mixes - Multiple Flavours, 120g
Infuse your very own cocktails with this natural selection of drink mixes from Fuse & Sip. In 7 exquisite flavours, you’ll up your cocktail game seamlessly. Key Information Perfect for easy-to-make, natural and clean cocktails 100% Natural Ingredients Free from...
C$23.99 C$12.49
Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Barista Blend Almond Milk, 946ml
Ready to enhance your coffee game in the morning? This deliciously frothy Barista Blend Almond Milk is the perfect beverage addition to kickstart your day! Key Information Creamy almond milk designed for use with coffee 30% less calories than regular...
Santa Cruz - Organic Juices 100%
Start your day the right way with Santa Cruz Organic Juices; a bold selection of 100% organic fruit juices to give you some zest for life. Key Information 100% Juice USDA Organic Non-GMO Project Verified Green-e Energy Certified Gluten-Free Product...
from C$6.39
Yogi Tea - Restful Sleep, 16 bags
Yogi Tea provides the best stress-relieving detox teas for better sleep. They are manufactured with botanical and herbal ingredients based on Ayurveda. Key Information 140+ exotic spices and botanicals. Aromatic, calming and packed full of holistic wellness Manufactured through body...
BioSteel - Sports Drink, 500ml
Bring essential electrolytes with you every time you grab a bottle of BioSteel’s Sports Drink. It’s a sugar-free drink that’s designed to keep you hydrated! Key Information Great tasting, sugar-free Sports Drink Contains essential electrolytes Made from clean ingredients No...
Knudsen - Organic Knudsen Juice
Knudsen is the pioneer in producing light and refreshing high-quality fruit juice. Packed with all-natural ingredients, Knudsen Juice is a staple for every pantry!! Key Information 100% premium fruit juice Excellent source of vitamin C Simple and all-natural ingredients No...

Potato and Spinach Savory Pancakes

Tacos “El dia de los muertos”

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