Harlow - Candle Crisp

Harlow - Candle Crisp
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Harlow - Candle Crisp

Brand - Harlow
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Quick Description

With the perfect balance of crisp peppermint and soothing fir tree scents, the Harlow Candle Crisp is the ultimate choice for freshening up your home.

Key Information

  • Scented Soy Candle
  • Peppermint and Fir Tree Scent
  • Fashioned with a Wood Wick
  • 40 Hour Burn Time
  • Cruelty-Free

Product Overview

Time for a reset! Light your Harlow Candle Crisp and you will soon find your home swooning from the crisp aromas of peppermint and fir tree. There is no better combination to liven up the senses and get your home smelling clean, calm, and fresh. This is what candles are all about!

Complete with a wooden wick, this Harlow candle is specially designed to optimize its luscious scent by creating a wider flame to really make the most of those aromas. The wide wooden wick also adds a sophisticated twist which gives you one more reason to light that candle.

Made with all-natural ingredients, a combination of soy and essential oils, there is a lot of reasons to love this candle. Knowing that it is cruelty-free gives us another!
Each candle burns for approximately 40 hours.


Wood Wick, Essential Oil, Soy Candle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I light the wooden wick on the Harlow Candle Crisp?

One of our favourite things about this candle is its wide wooden wick. This wooden wick works in a similar way to a normal candle but creates a larger, more atmospheric flame when you burn it.

Lighting the wick works just the same as a normal candle. However, just make sure when you relight it that the burned section of wood is snapped off! Then your candle will be ready to go again.