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Are Pickels Vegan?

Pickles are vegan. All of its ingredients, cucumber, vinegar, brine and preservatives are vegan, which means pickle is a good choice for vegans. Unlike sugar, there are hardly any doubts on whether salt is vegan. The vibrant white color of sugar is a result of the process of adsorption using bone char. However, organic salt does not undergo any similar process in its making.

Confectioner’s glaze derived from female lac bug is used to wax cucumbers and protect them. But there are several plant-derived waxes available for the same purpose. So, the cucumbers are vegan-friendly. Vinegar used in pickle-making is a byproduct of the fermentation of ethanol by bacteria. As no animal products are used in its making, acetic acid is completely vegan. When pickles are made using fermentation, lactic acid is produced, which is also vegan.

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