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Mid-day Squares Fudge Yah, 1 Oz (Almond crunch)
Designed to Stop your Mid-Day Hunger and Cravings-  This brand makes the bars with real chocolate and studies have shown the taste compounds of real chocolate can influence and decrease your level of hunger cravings.Goodbye Cravings. The combination of our...
4 reviews HU - Almond Butter Quinoa Chocolate Bar
HU - Almond Butter Quinoa Chocolate Bar
Hu Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa Dark Chocolate bars are made with delicious house-ground organic 70% dark cocoa, creamy almond butter, and puffed quinoa. Dry-roasted almonds are used to make Hu's almond butter, adding a rich nutty flavor while puffed...
Hu - Chocolate Hunks Almond & Sea Salt, 4 Oz
Hu Chocolate-Covered Hunks Almonds + Sea Salt are wonderful organic almonds covered in organic 70% dark chocolate, dusted with sea salt for a sweet and salty flavor. Ingredients: Almonds, organic cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, vanilla...
Simple Mills - Almond Flour Crackers Rosemary & Sea Salt, 4.25 Oz
Simple Mills Rosemary & Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers are packed with herbaceous rosemary flavor and topped with a savory kick of sea salt. Almond flour, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds give these crackers 3g of protein per serving and...
Almond Butter Energy Bites
Almond Butter Energy Bites
Almond Butter Energy Bites are the perfect way to enjoy a powerful burst of protein in a small package. These bites are made with almond butter, vegan protein powder, superseeds, and rolled oats, with just the right amount of sweetness...
Simple Mills - Almond Flour Crackers With Sea Salt, 4.25 Oz
Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers are the perfect snack to grab a handful and enjoy when you're looking to snack guilt free. Made with whole ingredients like almond flour, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, these crackers...
Gomacro Protein Bar - Coconut, Almond Butter & Chocolate Chips, 2.4 Oz
"Everlasting Joy" with coconut, almond butter & chocolate chips. Reminiscent of your favorite candy bar as a kid, this combo of coconut, chocolate chips and almond butter is sure to bring you Everlasting Joy. The GoMacro Protein bar consists 11...
Bob´s Red Mill - Almond Flour, 16 Oz
Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour is a super-fine, superior gluten-free flour made with premium California almonds. This flour is a must-have for paleo, keto, and grain-free baking, but can be used in a wide variety of delicious recipes! Ingredients: Blanched...
Barney Butter - Powdered Almond Butter, 8 Oz
Barney Butter Powdered Almond Butter is the most convenient way to get your almond butter protein boost! With only one ingredient (almonds, duh!), this powdered almond butter helps you avoid the calories, carbs, and fat found in traditional almond butter....
Lakanto – Granola Cinnamon Almond, 11 oz
Naturally sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol and made from toasted coconut, sunflower seeds, almonds, and chia seeds. Keto-friendly and low carb. Makes the perfect crunch time with your breakfast cereal or mid-day snack. Contains only 4 net carbs and...
Endangered Species - Sea Salt Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
Endangered Species Sea Salt and Almond Dark Chocolate Bars are a deliciously complex chocolate bar made with 72% cocoa dark chocolate, with the intent to bring awareness to the plight of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl. Endangered Species Chocolate adds crunchy roasted...
Justin's - Maple Almond Butter Squeeze, 1.15 oz
Justin's Maple Almond Butter is a naturally delicious nut butter spread that is made from high quality ingredients for a tasty treat that's perfect for topping toast, sandwiches, and other healthy snacking options. With 6g of protein, 2g of fiber,...
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