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Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs, 12 oz
Please Note: Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs have a shorter shelf life than other products. This product comes with a one-week guarantee. This means it will arrive at your door with a minimum of one week of shelf life! Product Information Made...
Bob’s Red Mill – Grain-Free Blueberry Muffin Mix, 9 oz
Treat yourself the right way with Bob’s Red Mill Grain-free Blueberry Muffin mix. It’s easy-to-prepare but offers tempting aroma and scrumptious flavor. Mix up a batch today, and enjoy every snack break or afternoon tea. Ingredients Paleo Baking Flour (Blanched...
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Naam - Miso Gravy, 350ml

Naam - Miso Gravy, 350ml
Naam’s famous Miso Gravy packs an addictive umami punch and is delicious for pouring or dipping. An instant cupboard staple, this really does go with everything! Key Information Free from additives and preservatives Gluten-free Non-GMO Created and bottled in Vancouver...
Flourish - Plant-Based Protein Pancake Mixes, 430g
Mouth-watering, fluffy stacks of pancakes that are completely plant-based, Flourish Plant-Based Protein Pancake Mixes will make your breakfasts special.  Key Information Gorgeous pancakes chock full of plant-based protein 0 trans fats Super high in fibre Gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and non-GMO...
Simply Organic - Cinnamon, 69g
Simply Organic Cinnamon is made from nothing but pure, high-quality premium cinnamon sticks. Vibrant, sweet and warming as ever. Key Information Easy to use screw top lid Convenient clear packaging Entirely recyclable Organic Product Overview Simply Organic brings you the...
Canadian Heritage Organics - Maple Syrup (Amber & Dark), 250ml
Perfect for smothering your pancakes with, Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrups are beautiful, smooth and wonderfully sweet. Key Information Guaranteed organic maple syrup Certified gluten-free and kosher Absolutely no artificial colours, additives or preservatives Delicious, natural flavour is maintained with...
Tilda - Coconut Basmati Rice, 250g
Tilda’s Coconut Basmati Rice is the perfect exotic addition to any meal, just microwave for 2 minutes or stir fry in a pan for 3 minutes and it’s ready to serve! Key Information Quick and easy - ready in 2...
Tofurky - Deli Slices
Portioned into wafer-thin slices, these smokey, organic Tofu Deli Slices are perfect for picnics, sandwiches or in charcuterie boards.  Key Information Deli Slices in 4 delicious flavours Source of protein Portioned into individual slices for ease  Kosher KSA Parve Low...
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Enjoy Life - Dark Chocolate Morsels, 255g
Kick your allergen-free baking up a notch with Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels, made with the finest dark chocolate. Key Information Allergen-free dark chocolate chip alternative Made with dark chocolate from sustainably harvested cocoa beans All natural ingredients Perfect for...
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