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Franklin Farms
Franklin Farms - Vegan Wonton Wrap, 12 Oz
Nothing makes a home chef happy other than having versatile wraps in their hands. From traditional wonton soup to fried Rangoon to sweet wonton dessert, Franklin Farms Wonton Wraps have got you covered! Vegan and GMO-free, these healthy wonton wraps...
Franklin Farms - Vegan Round Wraps, 12 Oz
Going for a Japanese or Chinese cuisine for the whole week? Stock some Franklin Farms Round Wraps in your pantry and incorporate them into your gyoza and dumpling recipes for a deliciously healthy meal with your family – it works...
Franklin Farms - Vegan Eggroll Wrap, 16 Oz
Make your traditional egg rolls even better and healthier using Franklin Farms Egg Rolls Wrap. Not only it makes a healthy breakfast for the whole family because it’s vegan, but it also saves you time in the kitchen as it’s...
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