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Canadian Heritage Organics - Maple Syrup (Amber & Dark), 250ml
Perfect for smothering your pancakes with, Canadian Heritage Organics Maple Syrups are beautiful, smooth and wonderfully sweet. Key Information Guaranteed organic maple syrup Certified gluten-free and kosher Absolutely no artificial colours, additives or preservatives Delicious, natural flavour is maintained with...
53 Acres - Organic Maple Syrup, 375ml
Drizzle that classic bit of sweetness over your next batch of pancakes with these Organic Maple Syrups from 53 Acres. Coming in three varieties. Key Information Vegan-friendly Maple Syrups - coming in three varieties The perfect plant-based sweetener for waffles...
LB Maple Treat - Maple Syrup Autumn, 250ml
This pure Maple Syrup Autumn is the perfect accompaniment to all your favourite sweet and savoury treats, with a smooth, rich and naturally sweet flavour. Key Information 100% pure Maple Syrup from Canada Free from artificial additives or sweeteners Gluten...
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