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3 reviews Minor Figures - Oat Milk, 33.8 Oz
Minor Figures - Oat Milk, 33.8 Oz
Minor Figures Oat Milk is a deliciously creamy oat-based milk alternative, formulated by coffee professionals to be the perfect milk substitute for home baristas. Minor Figures Oat Milk makes a great addition to any of your favorite roasts and is...
3 reviews Rebel Kitchen - Barista Mylk, 1L
C$4.99 C$3.99
Rebel Kitchen - Barista Mylk, 1L
Bend the rules with Rebel Kitchen’s Barista Mylk. This non-dairy, plant-based milk was developed together with world-renowned coffee expert, James Hoffmann. Key Information Tastes and works just like dairy milk Tested and approved by baristas Smooth, silky, and creamy Contains...
C$4.99 C$3.99
Earth's Own - Oat Milk, 1.75L
Made from organic gluten-free oats with zero preservatives, Earth’s Own Oat Milks are eco-conscious, creamy and delicious alternatives to dairy milk. Key Information Great source of plant protein Zero preservatives or artificial ingredients 0.8g of Beta-Glucan per serving, great for...
Two Bears - Frothed Chocolate Oat Milk, 250ml
Step into chocolate heaven with Two Bears Frothed Chocolate Oat Milk. Silky-smooth, delicious, and with 75% less sugar than other chocolate milk, it’s a can’t miss.  Key Information Creamy and silky smooth consistency (without the cream!)  Ethically sourced cacao 75%...
Natura - Oat Beverages, 946ml
Pour yourself a refreshing glass of these Oat Beverages from Natura. Packed with proteins and vitamins, these milk alternatives are naturally sweet and fresh. Irresistible!  Key Information Each 250ml serving contains 19g of whole grains  Low in Saturated Fat and...
Califia Farms - Oat Milk Unsweetened, 1.4L
All the creamy, smooth goodness that you expect from Califia Farms Oat Milk with no extra sweeteners.  Key Information Unsweetened to enjoy the natural flavour Made from non-GMO Whole-grain Oats Gluten and Nut Free No Gums or Stabilizers The perfect...
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