Urcohuasi Farms – PlantX Canada
Urcohuasi Farms - Quinoa Dessert Mixes, 12oz
Fancy a dessert that’s devilishly delicious AND superfood-supergood? Try making a Quinoa Brownie or a Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie with these fab Quinoa Dessert Mixes! Key Information Superfood-Powered Dessert Mixes Rich in protein, fiber, and minerals Available as Quinoa Brownie...
Urcohuasi Farms - Organic Quinoa Crumbs (Italian & Mediterranean), 6oz
Urcohuasi Farms’ Organic Quinoa Crumbs are packed with nutrients, full of flavor and a perfect alternative to breading for people with gluten sensitivities. Key Information A delicious alternative to traditional breadcrumbs Made from quinoa grown on a family-owned farm in...
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