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Sometimes it's a plant for your indoor space, other times a gift code, but every time you'll be satisfied!

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When it's safe and reasonable to do so, PlantX will have special events and new plant-based product launches in different locations across North America and beyond. As an XVIP member, you'll not only be the first to know about them, but you'll have special access to them as well!

Access to XFitness Coming Soon!

You'll recieve access to live and on-demand fitness classes from some of the best fitness instructors across multiple genres. Wanna take a yoga class? Meditate? Martial Arts? Strength Training? We've got you covered! They'll have live classes scheduled all week long, but don't worry if you can't make the live broadcast, the classes will be listed on-demand to be taken - or re-taken - later! Earn badges and rewards while getting fit!

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