Amano Foods - Shiro Miso White, 400g

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Amano Foods - Shiro Miso White, 400g - nutrition facts
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Amano Foods - Shiro Miso White, 400g

Brand - Amano Foods
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Quick Description

The beautifully hand-crafted organic Shiro Miso from the Amano family is their sweetest miso, and the perfect flavour to add some extra flair to your dishes.

Key Information

  • Delicious White Shiro Miso
  • Vegan
  • Organic 
  • Handcrafted

Product Overview 

Why not try and introduce three generations of Japanese brewing traditions into your family home through the dependable Amano name. Introduce the delectable taste of miso into your kitchen and taste the quality Shiro Miso White of the Amano Family.

The light yet sweet Shiro Miso Miso, produced from a beautiful blend of organic whole soybeans, organic white rice, sea salt, and filtered water to finish, will be the perfect palate teaser for your home cooking. These delicate flavours blend and combine to produce a lightly coloured and subtly sweet flavour explosion. 

Why not include this versatile and deeply flavoursome product in whatever you are rustling up to add an extra twist to your meal. The possibilities are endless with the Shiro Miso White - whether it be soup or Alfredo, it’ll be the perfect taste twist and a permanent pantry addition. 

Ever since 1939, the Amano Family has introduced quality and beauty in the taste of its soy sauce and miso. Their Japanese brewing traditions are impeccable in their carefully tested and perfected products, consistently resulting in undeniable satisfaction. 

Amano Foods continue to combine their Canadian and Japanese community cultures to change kitchen habits year after year. Amano continuously puts care and thought into their product range to create the perfect organic products. 

The Shiro “White” Miso is Amano Foods most popular Miso and a perfect and delicate flavour introduction to your meal. 


Organic White Rice, Organic Whole Soybeans, Sea Salt, Filtered Water

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product able to be used in glazes and marinades?

Yes! Miso has the delectable taste to lend deep flavour to any dish, including soups, glazes, marinades and stir fries.