Attitude - Window & Mirror Cleaner - Citrus Zest, 800ml

Attitude - Window & Mirror Cleaner - Citrus Zest, 800ml

Brand - Attitude
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Quick Description

Windows need a wash? Show them who’s boss with Attitude! The Citrus Zest Window & Mirror Cleaner is a planet-friendly, cruelty-free, plant-based powerhouse!

Key Information

  • Streak-free, natural glass cleaner
  • Cruelty-free and 100% vegan
  • ECOLOGO and PETA certified
  • Practical spray bottle
  • Scented with natural fragrances

Product Overview

Window cleaning can be a real pain in the glass…but we’ve got the perfect antidote! You need to check out the Attitude Window & Mirror Cleaner! It’s a natural and effective glass cleaner, and there’s no need to rinse after to achieve a streak-free result.

The sustainable Window & Mirror Cleaner is created with plant and mineral-based ingredients and leaves glass, mirrors, and windows shiny and refreshed. Just spray on and wipe off!

The Quebec-based company, Attitude, focuses on products that are effective whilst also having a minimal environmental impact. This glorious glass cleaner is naturally fragranced with bright citrus notes and it’s PETA certified too.

Plus, it’s ECOLOGO certified and suitable for sensitive skin, meaning you don’t have to worry about nasty ingredients. Your windows will love this Attitude!


5% Non-ionic Surfactants (Caprylyl Glucoside, Myristyl Glucoside). 
Also Contains: Water, Acetic Acid, Saponins, Terpineol (Citrus), Decanal (Citrus), Allyl Heptanoate (Sweet Fruit).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Attitude’s products environmentally friendly?

The team at Attitude puts an enormous amount of focus on keeping the business and the products it produces as eco-friendly as possible. The products, including the Window & Mirror Cleaner, are ECOLOGO Certified (UL). This certification includes a multi-faceted life-cycle assessment and illustrates a dedication to the reduction of the environmental impact of the company.

Beyond this, it opts for the most natural ingredients it can, strives to minimize its use of plastic, and is in partnership with two different not-for-profit organizations dedicated to reforestation projects. Attitude products are a wonderful choice for eco-conscious consumers.