Balzac's - Coffee Blends Multiple Choices, 340g

Balzac's - Coffee Blends Multiple Choices, 340g

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Quick Description

Give your mornings an energizing kick with one of Balzac’s Coffee Blends! Bright and complex, or dark and lush. The perfect cornerstone of a routine.

Key Information

  • 100% Arabica Coffee Blends
  • Choose from Bards Blend, Espresso Blend, Farmers’ Blend, and Swiss Water Decaf
  • Whole bean coffee
  • Fairtrade and Organic (*excluding Swiss Water Decaf)

Product Overview

The perfect choice for your morning routine! Switch to one of Balzac’s exceptional blends to enhance your mornings, catch up with friends, or keep you focused through the night. Expertly sourced and roasted coffee beans from around the world are provided for you to enjoy the bold and exciting flavours from the masterful coffee makers at Balzac’s. 

Choose between four attractive blends, each with its own character and roasting technique: Bards Blend, Espresso Blend, Farmers’ Blend and Swiss Water Decaf. All while supporting a female-led and environmentally conscious business.

Led by the brilliant vision of Diana Olsen, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters was founded in 1996 in Stratford, Ontario. Taking inspiration from the Grand Cafés of Paris, Olsen was determined to bring coffee and café culture to the Great White North. She did just that, on account of her determination, creativity, and understanding of the history and culture of each region a coffee bean is grown, or a café is opened.

Bards Blend

Inspired by William Shakespeare himself. Brilliant stories told through dark and luscious flavours. A stout or dark roast, taking the whole flavour profile from the bean. The result is a rich and full-bodied blend with a deep earthiness and robust character. Fairtrade, organic and vegan - to ensure you can enjoy your coffee without the drama. 

Espresso Blend

An amber or medium roast. An ode to Italian businessmen ambling through the beautiful streets of Rome in full business attire despite the sweltering heat. Velvety and smooth, with cocoa and caramel notes, well balances acidity and body for a smooth brew: a premium blend. Fairtrade, organic and vegan, essential guarantees for any daily habit.

Farmers’ Blend

The perfect choice for an early riser. A coffee that elevates you like a brisk morning walk before a day of labour in the field. A bright and complex blend to engage you at the call of the cuckoo. Enjoy Balzac’s innovative Marble Roast technique: light, medium, and dark roasted coffees combined into a single blend. Your favourite elements of each roasting technique are integrated into a unique medley bursting with complex flavours. Farmers’ Blend is importantly fairtrade, organic, and vegan to allow you to enjoy your coffee responsibly. 

Swiss Water Decaf

Enjoy the magnificent taste of Balzac’s Coffee without it keeping you up all night thanks to the reduced caffeine of the Swiss Water decaf blend. This blend uses a brilliant combination of both Colombian and Sumatran beans and the 100% chemical-free processing method used by Swiss Water. The result is a complex and full-bodied dark roast with exceptional character and discernable purity. 


Bards Blend: 100% Arabica

Espresso Blend: 100% Arabica

Farmers’ Blend: 100% Arabica

Swiss Water Decaf: 100% Arabica

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways are Balzac’s Coffee Roasters environmentally conscious?

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters are committed to reducing their environmental impact in both their cafés and coffee production. Conscientious roasting takes place using the Loring Smart Roaster, drastically reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Their roasters have an 80% reduction in emissions and energy usage compared to the more conventional roasters. This makes the Loring Smart Roaster the most environmentally conscious roaster available today!

Balzac’s are also a committed supporter of NGEA (Next Generation Energy Alternatives), a charity that fights the climate crisis through promoting renewable energy technologies, and the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, which promotes public awareness through the media arts. A crucial component of climate action.