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Balzac's - Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Black & Mocha), 355ml

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Quick Description

Relish in the exciting new taste of Balzac’s Nitro Cold Brew, a coffee experience like no other. Start the day right with a choice of two stimulating flavours.

Key Information

  • Black or Mocha flavour
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Vegan
  • Fairtrade and Organic Coffee
  • Rich and creamy finish

Product Overview

A brilliant choice in the morning! Enjoy Balzac’s exciting twist on the classic cuppa for a new way to experience coffee, whether you’re in a rush in the morning, or want a cold brew to quench your thirst. Perfect for a hot summer’s day, with breakfast or in the afternoon - or even before a workout! Balzac’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is lightly caffeinated to give you the energy to get the most out of any moment.

These coffees have been slowly steeped in cold water before being canned for your convenience. This gives every Nitro Cold Brew a creamy finish. Rich and smooth. Exceptionally refreshing with only a hint of sweetness, bringing you back for more. An impressive experience available in two iconic flavours: Black and Mocha, so you can get the taste you love, or switch it up from day to day.

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters are a company committed to environmentally conscious practice. Their awareness of the climate crisis has driven decisions made in both their cafés and their coffee. Balzac's coffee is roasted using the Loring Smart Roaster, the most environmentally conscious roaster on the market today, boasting 80% reductions in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

In 1996 in Stratford Ontario, Diana Olsen, an inspiring coffee fanatic, founded Balzac’s Coffee Roasters. She brought coffee and café culture to Canada taking inspiration from the Grand Cafés of Paris. She was determined to create a business fueled by love and understanding. That each café would reflect the region and its history, and that their coffee production would value sustainability, natural products, and fair trade.

Nitro Cold Brew Black

Enjoy the classic flavour of black coffee. The familiar earthiness and complex flavour, with the perfect hint of sweetness, and an iconic creamy finish. Familiar yet exciting; a great new coffee experience for your everyday routine. Perfect with breakfast, on your commute, or for a late-night boost to keep you enjoying your evening.

Nitro Cold Brew Mocha

Crack open a refreshing can of Nitro Cold Brew, with the added treat of Mocha’s indulgent taste. The chocolate notes bring out a joyous character in the coffee. An instant favourite. Enjoy alongside your morning vegan croissant, or as a standalone treat later in the day.


Nitro Cold Brew Black
Filtered Water, Organic Coffee.

Nitro Cold Brew Mocha
Filtered Water, Organic Coffee, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Natural Flavours.

How do Balzac’s Coffee Roasters promote sustainability?

Balzac’s support both NGEA (Next Generation Energy Alternatives), a charity that combats the climate crisis through promoting renewable energy technologies, and the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, a festival that harnesses media and the arts to promote sustainability and climate crisis awareness.

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