Bartolini - Soup Mixes Assorted Flavours, 500g

Bartolini - Farmer's Soup Mix
Bartolini - Quick Cooking Soup Mix
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Bartolini - Soup Mixes Assorted Flavours, 500g

Brand - Bartolini
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Quick Description

A bag of ready mix dry vegetables with incredible flavours ready to boil in 30 minutes. Bringing the homely feel to your meal. 

Key Information

  • Vegan and organic
  • Easily made in 30 minutes 
  • Flavourful taste of home
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients 
  • Fresh from the farm produce

Product Overview

Bartolini Soups are vibrant with flavours bursting in your mouth. With a mix of sustainable delicious ingredients to keep you going, they’ll keep your energy high throughout the day. Have a hearty meal ready in under 45 minutes. 

Bartolini Soups are loved nationwide for the flavours and the easy-to-make formula without the hassle for a relaxing home meal. Bartolini is known for their sustainable fresh produce straight to the kitchen. 

These soups are absolutely delicious on their own, but they can also be used as a base for a stew - easy and scrumptious!

Quick Cooking Soup Mix

This special mix will wrap you in a warm hug of joy. With great ingredients like red lentils, occhio beans, azuki green beans, and broken green beans, this soup makes for a hearty meal for the entire family. Beans are good for filling you up full of energy and great nutrition. Love your body & love your free time with Bartolini. 

Farmer's Soup Mix

A bag of love stuffed with irresistible ingredients like borlotti beans, eston lentils, chickpeas, cannellini beans and red azuki beans for the filling flavour base. Deep rich tones and textures for a multi-level filling experience. Live your life to the fullest with Bartolini Soups.


Quick Cooking Soup Mix
Pearl barley, red lentils, occhio beans, azuki green beans, and broken green beans.

Farmer's Soup Mix
Borlotti beans, eston lentils, chickpeas, cannellini beans, red azuki beans, yellow soy, occhio beans, broken green peas, San Matteo red beans, and peeled broad beans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Bartolini dry mix soups good for you?

They are packed full of tasty wholesome ingredients with lots of fibre, healthy protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. They are balanced ingredients for a luxurious taste and feel of home with all the added benefits of being good for your body - from digestion to your brain. They have been tested and looked at to be one of the best easy-to-make soups with some of the healthiest ingredients on the market.