Bean Head - Specialty Coffee, Ground, 340g

Bean Head - Specialty Coffee, Ground, 340g - front
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Bean Head - Specialty Coffee, Ground, 340g

Brand - Bean Head
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Quick Description

Enjoy a superior, 100% organic, Fairtrade brew with Bean Head’s Speciality coffee, freshly ground for your convenience.

Key Information

  • Certified Organic and Fairtrade
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • Packed in Handmade Burlap Bags
  • Freshly Ground

Product Overview

Why suffer through drinking a cup of mediocre coffee when you deserve the best? Bean Head’s Speciality coffee is called ‘Premium’ for a reason!

This all starts with the growers. Bean Head’s coffee is fairly traded, which means that the farmers are paid a fair price for their crop so they can continue to grow the finest beans possible in an ethical, sustainable way.

Next comes the coffee plant. No harmful pesticides are used on Bean Head’s coffee plants so Mother Nature can work her magic! Then, only the finest beans are picked and hand-roasted in small batches in Canada. They are ground to the perfect consistency for your French Press or espresso machine.

Finally, all that goodness is packed into handmade burlap sacks ready to be delivered to your door.

Pull open the burlap sack and inhale deeply that delicious scent of ground specialty coffee before making your next cuppa; you’ll never return to an inferior brew again!


Ground Certified Organic & Fair Trade Arabica coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about the roasting process of Bean Head’s Speciality coffee?

This premium blend is roasted to perfection to a medium-dark roast. This creates a full-bodied flavour that comes from the roasting process, as the beans are roasting for longer than on a lighter roast. However, the raw natural flavour of the bean is still prevalent, and so a delicate balance is achieved between acidity and richness. This is what creates such a unique flavour that is especially good enjoyed espresso-style!