BioItalia - Organic Chick Peas, 398ml

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BioItalia - Organic Chick Peas, 398ml

Brand - BioItalia
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Quick Description

BioItalia Organic Chick Peas. A store cupboard essential that caters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and serves as a snack for those meals in between)...

Key Information

  • 100% Organic
  • Certified by Organic Standards Agency: USDA
  • Packed with nutrients 
  • Protein-packed plant-based alternatives

Product Overview

It’s breakfast, and you’re in the mood for a savory treat. Bioitalia Organic Chickpeas can bring some surprisingly creative dishes to the table. If it’s too early for hummus, why not try chickpea scramble on toast? Or fry them up with kale and spinach, and serve with your favorite vegan sausages. 

Lunchtime has arrived and you’re peckish. A hearty healthy salad is an excellent fit. Mix your Bioitalia Organic Chickpeas with fresh herbs like cilantro and mint, or try something different! Mix them with vegan mayo, mustard, and turmeric, and stuff them into fresh, sliced, multi-grain bread for an ‘egg’ salad sandwich. 

For supper, they sink beautifully into a vegan Moroccan tagine or stew. You could even throw them into the slow cooker in the morning so that you arrive home to the smell of wholesome spices after a long day in the office. 

To snack on in between, we all know the hummus and chip combo. But what if you made the chickpea the chip? Roast your chickpeas in the oven with olive oil, cumin, chili, garlic powder, salt, and pepper for a wonderfully delicious treat. One that’s significantly healthier than the oily potato chip. 


Organic Chick Peas, Water, Sea Salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do chickpeas grow?

You might not recognize a chickpea plant if you saw it. They are bushy at the top and the ‘pea’ has actually been defined as a seed encased in a small pod. 

They grow best in the cooler months, thriving in temperatures of between 70 and 80 degrees. Perhaps I’ll grow some in my garden...