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Bob's Red Mill - Organic Farro, 680g

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Quick Description

A long time ago, in a galaxy farro farro away, daily diets include farro. Rich and nutty, Bob's Red Mill Organic Farro can be used in various recipes.

Key Information

  • A widely popular Italian food and ingredient
  • A fantastic source of fiber
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • USDA Certified Organic

Product Overview

Bob's Red Mill brings farro back to everyone’s diets. Their Organic Farro is wholesome, hearty, and deliciously nutty. It is said that farro is the original ancestor of all species of wheat. Farro is widely sought after in Italy. This hearty grain is a staple in their cuisine similar to how it was in ancient Rome.

Farro is a super grain. This popular ingredient can be used in salads, entrees, and side dishes. Adventurous home cooks can even find a way to use this in desserts, particularly baked goods! Prepared farro is easy to digest. The body can quickly absorb all the nutrients (hello fiber) farro has to offer. 

Have you ever heard of Farrotto? Farrotto is just risotto - only instead of rice, you use farro! Give stews some texture by adding farro to the pot. The nutty flavor will complement the savory taste quite well. On its own, prepared farro can be topped off with a squeeze of lemon or even some olive oil.


Organic pearled farro, contains wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare Bob's Red Mill Organic Farro?

There are a few ways to prepare farro. You can bring rinsed or pre-soaked farro to a boil using a stovetop. You can also do the slow and steady method using a slow cooker. You can even use a multi-cooker to prepare your farro. Once you get a pack of Bob's Red Mill Organic Farro, remember to follow the instructions at the back to make sure you create a great serving of this wonderful grain. Each pack contains approximately 13 servings.

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Bob's Red Mill - Organic Farro, 680g
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