Difatti - Gluten-Free Gnocchi, 250g

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Difatti - Gluten-Free Spinach Gnocchi- Front
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Difatti - Gluten-Free Gnocchi, 250g

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Quick Description

Made with potato, rice and corn, Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi takes celiac-safe comfort food to the next level. Ready in 2 mins & perfect for a quick dinner!

Key Information

  • Delicious Gluten-Free Gnocchi available in Plain & Spinach varieties 
  • Made with non-GMO potato, rice & corn
  • Light & fluffy texture 
  • Ready in just 2 minutes
  • Allergen-friendly 
  • Perfect for celiacs, those with gluten intolerances or anyone who wants to cut down their gluten intake. 

Product Overview

Is there anything in this world more comforting than a steaming bowl of little potato dumplings slathered in your favourite sauce? This traditional Italian dish has been around since Roman times and is now a popular side dish, starter or entrée all over the world. Usually, gnocchi contains wheat flour and semolina, making it inaccessible to those who avoid gluten in their diet. Enter Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi…

Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi is made with the finest non-GMO potatoes, rice flour and cornflour to achieve that authentic squidgy, light and fluffy texture and authentic flavour. These delicious dumplings are expertly crafted using traditional production methods, without any gluten in sight! 

Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi is delicious with a marinara sauce, with pesto or in a creamy almond sauce with field mushrooms. Another deliciously simple way to enjoy them is with fresh sage leaves fried in vegan butter with plenty of garlic and black pepper. Why not try making a gluten-free gnocchi bake topped with plenty of vegan cheese for a truly indulgent treat? 

Preparation Instructions for Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi

Ready in just 2 minutes, Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi couldn’t be quicker or easier to prepare. Bring a large pan of lightly salted water to a rolling boil. Add the gnocchi and bring back up the boil. Cook for 2 minutes until all the dumplings have risen to the surface. Drain well and enjoy! If you want to add some texture to your cooked gnocchi, toss them in a hot pan with plenty of olive oil until the edges are golden and crisp. 

Gluten-Free Plain Gnocchi

Made with potato, rice and corn, this allergen-free gnocchi has a mellow flavour and fluffy texture, perfect for dressing with your favourite sauce, topping with vegan cheese and tucking in! 

Gluten-Free Spinach Gnocchi

Inspired by the northern Italian variation of spinach gnocchi, this gluten-free gnocchi is made with fresh spinach. As well as adding a whole lot of extra nutrients, this gives the gnocchi a gorgeous green colour that will brighten up your plate. 


Gluten-Free Plain Gnocchi
Rehydrated potatoes (water, potato flakes), potato starch, corn flour, corn starch, salt, rice flour, acidity regulator: lactic acid, preservative: sorbic acid, flavour (turmeric).

Gluten-Free Spinach Gnocchi
Rehydrated potatoes (water, potato flakes), cornflour, potato starch, corn starch, spinach, rice flour, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid, preservative: sorbic acid.

How does Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi differ from regular packaged gnocchi?

The main ingredient in both Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi and regular packaged gnocchi is the delicious and humble potato! Difatti Gluten-Free Gnocchi then replaces the wheat flour and semolina used to make regular gnocchi with naturally gluten-free cornflour and rice flour. This means they really don’t differ significantly from regular gnocchi in texture or flavour. In fact, we reckon you won’t even notice the difference, making this a great meal for the whole family to enjoy, regardless of dietary requirements!

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I recommend this product

Pretty good!

I got these to try, I will say they are really good. The flavour and texture are definitely there! Some GF gnocchi is often sticky once you cook them but these have a nice texture. I will say you do need to buy extra packs. once cooked each pack feeds about one person. There isn't enough for two people. This is just the way the products are made. Make sure to buy 2!!



Hi Kate, Such lovely feedback! Those gnocchi's are so delicious, we wouldn't blame you if you grabbed them all! Thanks for trying them out! Thanks for choosing PlantX! Stay Planted. Stay Curious. Stay Healthy. Best, Rochelle PlantX