Earth's Choice - Organic Coconut Chips, 200g

Earth's Choice - Organic Coconut Chips, 200g

Brand - Earth's Choice
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Quick Description

Sprinkle on a taste of the tropics with Earth’s Choice Coconut Chips! Completely natural, organic goodness for your bowl or snack.

Key Information

  • A great source of dietary fibre
  • Processed at a low temperature so all the nutritional benefits are maintained
  • No additives included
  • Sulphite-Free
  • No added sugar

Product Overview

Earth’s Choice Coconut Chips are made from only the finest of coconuts. The process is slow and steady, there's not a whiff of fast or processed here. The coconut flesh is removed from the whole coconut and then dried slowly at a low temperature so all the nutrients and benefits of the coconut are maintained. What’s left? Flavourful and textured coconut chips to garnish your meal or snack on.

Fancy boosting up your breakfast? Why not add Earth’s Choice Coconut Chips to your yogurt and granola. Alternatively, toast them lightly and sprinkle on top of a tasty curry to add extra depth of flavour and crunch.

Earth’s Choice is on a mission to offer choice to cuisine. They select organic produce and combine this with value for money, quality and high standards. They are conscious of the environmental effects of pesticides and choose to prioritize organic food.


Organic Coconut Chips

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Coconut Chips free from tree-nut and peanut contamination?

Yes, these Coconut Chips are produced in a nut-free environment.

Can I use these Coconut Chips in baking?

Yes, you sure can. Why not try out some chewy coconut bars? Combine the coconut chips with butter, eggs, sugar, flour and baking powder (with the addition of vanilla essence if you like the flavour) and make a tray bake. These can be kept in the cupboard and are great for lunch boxes or a quick sweet treat on the move.