Eve's Crackers - Gluten-Free Crackers, 108g Multiple Flavours

Eve's Crackers - Gluten-Free Crackers, 108g Multiple Flavours

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Earthy, distinctive and completely satisfying, Eve’s Gluten-Free Crackers are the snack you will always want with you.

Key Information

  • Three unique and interesting cracker flavours
  • Keto friendly and super high in fibre
  • Full of that gluten-free goodness
  • Only 80 calories per bag
  • Made with completely plant-based ingredients

Product Overview

Looking for a Keto-friendly snack that is actually tasty? Want something that you know was tweaked and perfected in a kitchen just like yours, with ingredients you can find in your own pantry? Introducing Eve’s Crackers, a company that brings you crackers that are good for you and still utterly indulgent.

Using plant-based ingredients to create these crunchy delights, these crackers are also gluten-free and a fantastic source of fibre. All the crackers have less than 2 grams of carbs per 25 grams serving which makes them the ideal snack for anyone on a Keto diet. 

They have a shelf-life of one year too, just make sure to squeeze out any air before sealing the packet well. Coming in three unique and tasty flavours, Eve’s Crackers will soon become your snack of choice.

Black Sesame Crackers

Crunchy, earthy and made from sesame and Canadian flaxseed, these crackers are not only a textural dream but fantastically versatile, interesting and satisfying.

Chili Pepper Crackers

Bringing you that delightful bite from red chilli peppers, these fragrant crackers made with savoury toasted pumpkin seeds too are the perfect snack for the spice lovers out there.

Savoury Sunflower Crackers

You just won’t be able to stop once you pop open a packet of these lovely crisps. Golden sunflower flax seed, with savoury, garlic and umami notes, these crackers will become a staple in your pantry.


Black Sesame Crackers
Water, brown Canadian flaxseeds, chia seeds, white sesame, black sesame, Braggs Liquid Aminos (vegetable protein from soybeans, water) and nutritional yeast and psyllium husk.

Chili Pepper Crackers
Water, brown Canadian flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Braggs Liquid Aminos (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), nutritional yeast, garlic powder, chilli pepper flakes and psyllium husk.

Savoury Sunflower Crackers
Water, golden Canadian flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, Braggs Liquid Aminos (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), nutritional yeast, garlic powder and psyllium husk.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can I use Eve’s Crackers?

This is the best thing about Eve’s Crackers; how wonderfully versatile they are! Of course, they are fantastically delicious right out of the bag as a quick snack, but there is so much you can do with them to have some amazing creations. Even something as simple as having them accompany your lunch! 

They are an incredibly healthy alternative to croutons, so whether you are making a lovely fresh salad or a comforting, warm bowl of soup, simply sprinkle crunched up Eve’s crackers on top. You’ll never want to have either without them again! Another way of taking advantage of these uniquely flavoured crackers is by popping them in a blender and using them as breading. You won’t regret it!