f.e.t.e. - Konjac Face Sponge

f.e.t.e. - Konjac Face Sponge
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f.e.t.e. - Konjac Face Sponge

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Quick Description

A gentle and natural exfoliator, f.e.t.e’s Konjac Face Sponge gently lifts dirt to leave your skin clean, soft and glowing, even without soap!

Key Information

  • Gentle exfoliator, suitable for newborns
  • Cleanses without soap
  • Made of 100% konjac root
  • Biodegradable
  • No chemicals

Product Overview

Looking for a gentle facial sponge? Why not check out this Konjac Face Sponge from f.e.t.e? Konjac is not only flexible enough to help thoroughly cleanse the skin, it is also eco-friendly.

It’s one of Asia’s secrets to clear, smooth and radiant skin.

How so? The soluble fibres in konjac cling to the skin when wet, effectively lifting dirt and makeup, even without a facial wash!

So if you have extremely sensitive skin and you skip most products in the beauty aisle, this is one thing you should keep in your hygiene kit.


100% konjac root

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my f.e.t.e Konjac Face Sponge last?

Since konjac is a natural material, it will naturally degrade in a few weeks. Konjac sponges will last depending on how often you use them. We recommend replacing them every 4 weeks to ensure you are using a clean sponge and not subjecting your skin to mould or germs.

Is f.e.t.e’s Konjac Face Sponge compostable?

Yes, you can compost your sponge when it’s time to replace it. Unlike foam sponges, konjac sponges are 100% biodegradable. So if you bury them or throw them in the compost bin, they will naturally degrade in a few months.

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