Fentimans - Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime, 500ml

Fentimans - Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime, 500ml
Fentimans - Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime, 500ml - back
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Fentimans - Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime, 500ml

Brand - Fentimans
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Quick Description

Zesty, fresh, and fiery, Fentiman’s artisanal Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime is the perfect mixer – here to amp up your cocktail & mocktail game.

Key Information

  • An aromatic & flavorful mixer.
  • Botanical base infused with Chinese ginger root, lime, juniper, speedwell & yarrow.
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and free from artificial flavors & sweeteners.
  • Perfect mixed with spirits or poured straight over ice.

Product Overview

Get ready to tap into your inner mixologist! With love, care, and craftsmanship poured into every bottle, Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime from Fentimans is sure to become one of your favorite new beverages. Enjoy it on its own over ice, or mix it with your spirit of choice for a sophisticated cocktail.

All beverages and juices by Fentimans bear the signature stamp of world-class brewing. Their Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime is crafted in small batches, and brewed over a 7-day period to maximize complexity and depth. The result is a refreshing mixer with a brilliant range of botanical notes, the perfect base for a boozy blend. 

What’s more, Fentimans uses all-natural ingredients for their plant-powered perfection. Chinese ginger root has been thought to have antiemetic properties and has long been an essential ingredient in herbal medicine. Now it finds itself muddled with a zap of fresh lime, coming soon to a refrigerator near you!


Carbonated Water, Fermented Ginger Root Extract (Water, Glucose Syrup, Ginger Root, Pear Juice Concentrate, Yeast), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavourings (Ginger, Lemon, Capsicum), Cream of Tartar, Citric Acid, Herbal Infusions (Speedwell, Juniper, Yarrow).

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is ginger beer alcoholic?

Traditionally brewed ginger beer often contains traces of alcohol, although usually at negligible levels. There are some ginger beers that are sold at a higher alcohol level as well.

Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime by Fentimans, however, is a mixer beverage. That means there’s little to no alcohol content, so you can set the pace and strength with your own additions.

Which cocktails can be made with ginger beer?

Ginger beer is a great base for many cocktails thanks to its powerful and fragrant flavor. A classic cocktail you can make with Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime by Fentimans is a Moscow Mule. Simply blend it with some premium vodka, add a wedge of fresh lime, and voila! You’ll be singing in Russian in no time.

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