Fiji - Natural Spring Water, 1L

Fiji - Natural Spring Water, 1L
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Fiji - Natural Spring Water, 1L

Brand - Fiji
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Quick Description

Fiji Natural Spring Water is pure water containing natural minerals and electrolytes. It’s bottled at the source and free from human contact.

Key Information

  • Natural artisan drinking water
  • Contains naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes
  • Bottled at the source
  • Free from human contact
  • Collected from an artesian aquifer hundreds of feet below the edges of a rainforest.

Product Overview

The beauty and tranquillity of Fiji are perfectly contained within this artisan water.
Far from nasty things like pollution and industrial rain, Fiji Natural Spring Water is filtered through layers of ancient volcanic rock and collected from an aquifer under the edges of a primitive rainforest.

This natural filtration process from a beautifully isolated setting means that Fiji water has a purer and richer flavour than any other bottled water.

Full of natural minerals and electrolytes, Fiji water is bottled at the source keeping it free from human contact and beautifully pure.


Filtered UV drinking water

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the brand Fiji do anything to help the area it is sourced from?

Yes, the Fiji Water Foundation was created to help preserve the natural beauty of Fiji and to support the local communities in Fiji.