Flower Valley - Ayate Washcloth, 1ea

Flower Valley - Ayate Washcloth, 1ea - front
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Flower Valley - Ayate Washcloth, 1ea

Brand - Flower Valley
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Quick Description

Restore your skin with the natural fibres and mar-free qualities of Flower Valley’s Ayate Washcloth, for long-lasting freshness and rejuvenation! 

Key Information

  • 100% Natural Agave Fiber
  • Hand Woven in Mexico
  • Quick Drying
  • Resists Mold
  • Recyclable Packaging

Product Overview

If you are looking for a washcloth that exfoliates and is equally gentle on your skin, then look no further. Made from the century plant Agave which is native to Mexico, Flower Valley’s hand-woven Ayate Washcloth revitalizes and freshens skin leaving you glowing! 

When soaked in water, the natural fibres in this washcloth expand, resist mould and it dries quickly - perfect for multiple uses. As a multi-purpose product, the Ayate Washcloth is additionally useful as a utility cloth, and its loosely woven netting is wonderfully mar-free. 

Flower Valley’s washcloths renew ancient Mexican weaving techniques, which build a bridge between traditional craftsmanship and modern methods of eco-friendly manufacturing and usage. 


100% Natural Agave Ayate Fiber Woven Washcloth. 

Flower Valley’s High-Quality & Ethically Sourced Products

The Flower Valley brand belongs to Lotus Brands Inc., a larger company that encourages the goodness of natural products and equally promotes healthy living and sustainable lifestyles. They achieve this through including certified organic ingredients in their products, sourced from eco-friendly farms that use chemical-free manufacturing methods. 

Aside from their natural Agave washcloths, other sustainable objects such as disposable toothbrush heads that reduce waste and promote ethical alternatives are one example of the many environmentally friendly products they create. 

Additionally, Flower Valley and the Lotus Brands company collectively are a part of the new wave of women’s enterprises, as the majority of both are women-owned. Cleanliness, high quality and ethically sourced materials are at the forefront of their ethos, and good value for money is the Flower Valley promise.