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Fun In The Sun Collection

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We don’t spend all that time working on our summer bod, just to blow it all when summer arrives, right? This delish and low-cal box of treats will take care of your skin and your figure.

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

Sun’s out, guns out, amirite? Or, ya know, sun’s out, ‘throw on your bikini and bask in its glory’... out! You’ve been waiting so long for this moment. Imagine it. You’ve just finished a great gym sesh but you’re craving... something. We’ve got you. You’re enjoying catching up on last night’s gossip? We’ve got just the drink to help you detox. Baseball in the park? No sweat! We’ve got sunscreen to protect you while you bring your A-game… and the after sun lotion, just in case you get a bit too carried away! This box is the perfect partner to your summer plans. Spend less time deciding which snacks are both tasty and natural. Don’t worry about choosing delicious drinks to keep you hydrated. Let us provide the sun protection to keep you out for longer. We’ve taken the time to curate this Fun In The Sun Box, so you can spend more time having - you guessed it - fun in the sun!

Bundle Breakdown

When the sun’s out, we want you to start the day off right. We picked this 100% vegetarian sunscreen because it’s ideal for protection during outdoor activities. Swimming? You’re good. Sweating loads? Duh. This sunscreen has got your back. Activities done, you realize just how thirsty you are. We’ve thrown in some coconut water and acai berry drinks to help you rehydrate. And they won’t just quench your thirst! Both are packed with great ingredients which can help in recovery, so you can get back out there faster. Of course, by this time, you’ve also lost a lot of salts through sweat. Curb your cravings and replenish your salts with our fab snacks. Skinny popcorn is a great, salty, guilt-free treat, and the vegan jerky, well-salty and high in protein = ideal post-workout snack. After a day in the sun, you’ll probably want something sweet. You’ve deserved it! The cookies and dried fruit will fill that hole. Oh, and don’t forget the after sun lotion. We chucked that in there too, just to be on the safe side. See? We’ve covered all bases with this box, now it’s down to you to hit the home runs!

Which low-calorie snacks will keep me feeling fuller for longer?

This question comes up a lot. Low-calorie means you’re hungry in a second and then eat more, right? Wrong! It is possible to eat low-cal and stay fuller for longer, and that is what we had in mind when we curated this box. Studies have shown us that protein is your friend when it comes to this classic snacking conundrum. Protein is filling and reduces your appetite, meaning you eat less, and what you do eat goes further. Win, win! And the high-protein snacks in this box are YUM, so that helps, too.

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Fun In The Sun Collection
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