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Grab Green - Natural Bleach Alternative Pods, Fragrance Free

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Quick Description

Brighten your clothes the natural way with Grab Green’s Natural Bleach Alternative Pods. Neutralize odors and remove stains with this add-in laundry booster.

Key Information

  • Made from naturally derived ingredients
  • Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Women-owned business
  • Manufactured and produced in the USA
  • 24ct

Product Overview

Free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals and toxins, Grab Green’s Natural Bleach Alternative Pods are the perfect antidote to tough stains and help maintain forever fresh whites.

These Bleach Alternative pods are fragrance-free and neutralize odors using sodium carbonate peroxide. This chemical compound breaks down to oxygen, water, and sodium in your wash and is entirely color and fabric-safe with no environmental hazards.

It works in a broad range of water temperatures, so there’s no need for a high energy-consuming hot wash to ensure those pearly whites! What’s more, it doesn’t weaken the strength of fabrics in the way that chlorine bleach does. As it doesn’t contain active bleach, this product is safe to use on colors as well as whites.

This item is a laundry booster, so use it alongside your everyday laundry detergent.

How to use?

For a light load, toss one pod into the drum and two pods for a heavier load. For especially stained items, presoak in a basin with two pods. Pod film will naturally dissolve in cold water.


Fragrance-free naturally derived ingredients. Sodium percarbonate, made from soda ash - active oxygen aids in cleaning and removes stains. Soda ash, mineral-water softener.

Do Grab Green’s Natural Bleach Alternative Pods disinfect and remove bacteria like normal bleach?

This item is primarily a color-safe fabric whitener and doesn’t contain harsh bacteria chemicals such as bleach. Although it helps clean clothing, it isn’t a medical-grade disinfectant.

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Grab Green - Natural Bleach Alternative Pods, Fragrance Free
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