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Greenhouse - Kombucha - Multiple Flavours, 340ml

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Quick Description

Greenhouse’s raw and organic Kombucha is the best of plant-based nutrition. Delicious, sparkling, caffeine-free beverages with unique and distinct flavours.

Key Information

  • Organic and raw ingredients
  • Caffeine-free kombucha
  • Low in sugar and low in calories
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • No additional preservatives

Product Overview

Kickstart your day with Greenhouse’s Kombucha! Made from organic and raw ingredients, these naturally vegan organic cold pressed juices are a perfect addition to a well-balanced diet. Available in an array of exciting flavours, each beverage has the perfect balance between acidity, fragrance and fruitiness for a tongue-tantalising experience.

With no GMOs, additives, or preservatives, you can be sure you are nourishing yourself with the best plant powered nutrition. Containing kombucha cultures, these sparkling beverages are an excellent source of antioxidants and good bacteria to promote a healthy gut and immune system.

Organic cold pressed fruits and vegetables compliment the distinct, sweet taste from the black tea that it has been fermented through. With no caffeine, and low in sugar and calories, this Kombucha is a healthy beverage option for everyone! Enjoy your Kombucha as a delicious and refreshing drink on its own, or incorporate it into your favourite mocktail or cocktail recipe for an additional boost of health and flavour.

Cranberry Kombucha

Transport your taste buds to Europe with this light and refreshing cranberry Italian soda! The subtle sour tones of organic cold pressed cranberry balances the sweet organic cold pressed apple for a deliciously fruity and fresh flavour. This flavoursome and sparkling beverage is enhanced with Kombucha cultures, rich in beneficial probiotics for a healthy gut.

Ultraviolet Kombucha

With a deep and unique blue colour, you will be sure to turn heads with this Kombucha! The light organic pressed lemongrass pairs beautifully with the sweet and tangy organic pressed pineapple, creating a fresh and fizzy flavour. Ultraviolet Kombucha is a complete immunity booster, packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. The blue matcha gives this drink its iconic name and colour, with additional health benefits to promote general bodily well-being.


Cranberry Kombucha
Filtered Water, Organic Cold-Pressed Cranberry, Organic Black Tea, Organic Cold-Pressed Apple, Organic Cane Sugar, Kombucha Culture.

Ultraviolet Kombucha
Filtered Water, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Cold-Pressed Pineapple, Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon, Organic Cane Sugar, Blue Matcha, Kombucha Culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my Kombucha?

With a shelf life of 30 days, it’s important to store your Kombucha in the right conditions. The Kombucha contains culture which means the product is alive so keeping it at 4 degrees in your refrigerator is ideal to prevent any additional pressure being built up inside the bottle. Enjoy your cool and delicious beverage at the optimum temperature!

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Greenhouse - Kombucha - Multiple Flavours, 340ml
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