Gusta - Pizzaroni Stick, 200g


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Gusta - Pizzaroni Stick, 200g
Gusta - Pizzaroni Stick, 200g - back

Gusta - Pizzaroni Stick, 200g

Brand - Gusta
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Quick Description

Get your vegan pizza party started with the Gusta Pizzaroni Stick! This seitan-based sausage is a delicious, meat-free way to spice up pizza night!

Key Information

  • Vegan pepperoni!
  • Seitan-based
  • With paprika and black pepper
  • Perfect for pizza toppings

Product Overview

We all need a bit of sausage - even us vegans! After trying the Gusta Pizzaroni Stick on your vegan pizzas, you won’t be able to eat a pizza without it!

This vegan sausage is made from seitan, which is made from gluten - the vegan protein of wheat. It is often used as a vegan meat substitute due to its surprisingly meat-like consistency and texture. This makes it the perfect base for this vegan sausage, giving it a firm, meaty texture.

The flavourful sausage is seasoned with smoked paprika and black pepper to give it that extra kick! This sizzlin’ sausage is so tasty, you won’t be able to get enough of it. Get yourself a Gusta Pizzaroni Stick to give your vegan pizza a little something extra. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, slice some up and serve as appetizers alongside olives, warm pitta and hummus!


Water, wheat protein (gluten), smoked paprika, non-GMO canola oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt, dehydrated vegetables (onions, mushrooms, garlic) yeast extracts spices
Allergens: Contains Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare my Gusta Pizzaroni Stick?

This great, vegan product is pre-cooked, so you can eat it without having to do any other prep other than slicing and serving! We recommend however, that they taste best once sauteed in a frying pan for a bit.

Take the sausage out of the packaging, and slice or cube it depending on how you want to eat it. Then cook either on the barbeque, or by frying in a bit of oil in a pan. Then go ahead and put it on your vegan pizzas, in your vegan burgers - or just eat it by itself!