Gusta - Seitan Loaf Kebab Shawarma, 400g


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Gusta - Seitan Loaf Kebab Shawarma, 400g

Brand - Gusta
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Quick Description

Get that oh-so-good Middle Eastern flavour with this vegan Kebab-Shawarma Seitan Loaf. Easy to prepare and packed full of natural goodness and flavour. Get grilling!

Key Information

  • Vegan-Friendly Product
  • Contains Gluten
  • 100% Non-GMO and natural ingredients
  • High in natural Wheat protein 
  • Easy to prepare - cut or mince and then grill in an oven or stovetop! 
  • Made in Canada 

Product Overview 

Kebab-Shawarma has its roots in small and independent restaurants across Turkey and the Levant. Since then, this culinary masterpiece has spread around the world popping up in all manner of eateries and restaurants - much-loved for its smoky and spicy taste. 

Shawarma has always been intended to bring people together. Now you can get together with family and friends with this Seitan Shawarma Loaf. This certified crowd-pleaser uses 100% natural and plant-based ingredients and is packed full of natural wheat protein.

Carefully flavoured using a traditional Middle Eastern shawarma spice blend, this Seitan Loaf from Gusta really is the one to beat!

Using a combination of allspice, cardamom and clove alongside powerful blasts of onion and garlic - this delicious protein can be easily grilled and wedged between some hot pitta with a dollop of hummus and some pickles. Sublime! 

The perfect thing for a Middle-Eastern-style vegan mezze spread, great for parties and picnics! 


Water, Wheat Protein (Gluten), Non-GMO Canola Oil, Sea Salts, Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Garlic), Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Cane Sugar, Yeast Extract, Spices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Seitan? 

Seitan is a fantastic high-protein meat alternative made from wheat flour. A vessel for flavour and marinades, this is a hugely versatile ingredient that is a must-have in every plant-based kitchen. Gusta has gone to a great effort to make sure that all of their Seitan has been flavoured to perfection. Simply delicious.