Heal + Co. - Acai Berry (10:1 Extract) 500mg, 120 Capsules

Heal + Co. - Acai Berry (10:1 Extract) 500mg, 120 Capsules
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Heal + Co. - Acai Berry (10:1 Extract) 500mg, 120 Capsules

Brand - Heal + Co.
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Quick Description

Made using the extract of the amazing superfruit, Heal + Co.’s Acai Berry Capsules may be just the thing you need to get a boost of health-benefiting antioxidants.

Key Information

  • 120 fantastic Acai Berry capsules
  • Ensures maximum absorption with high-potency 10:1 acai berry extract
  • Amazingly high in antioxidants
  • Completely non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Free from all major allergens

Product Overview

Want more antioxidants in your system? Heal + Co.’s Acai Berry Capsules have the potential to give you a great boost in antioxidants. These plant-based capsules are made from pure acai berry extract which, due to its high potency, ensures maximum absorption. 

Known to offer many health benefits, acai berries are very rich in nutrients and may even help improve cholesterol levels. They even have the potential to protect against cancer and could boost brain function as well. 

Completely non-GMO and gluten-free, these capsules are also free from all major allergens. 

Directions for use

The recommended dose for an adult is 2 capsules daily. Make sure to consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Medicinal ingredients (per 1 capsule): Acai Berry Extract (Euterpe oleracea, dried fruit) – 500 mg (10:1, QCE* 5,000 mg)
Non-medicinal ingredients: Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), Magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are acai berries so good for you?

Acai berries have a large number of potential health benefits which is mostly due to their high antioxidant levels. Packed full of powerful plant compounds which produce said antioxidants, they could have great benefits for the heart and brain, as well as your overall health. They are also chock full of healthy fats and fibre, which makes them even better for you.