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Joshua Tree Coffee - Premium Organic Blends

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Quick Description

Premium organic coffee inspired by organic farming and the power of Mother Nature, in-house roasted blends from around the world.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Small - batched roasts
  • Sustainable
  • In-house roasted
  • Connecting cultures

Product Overview

Joshua Tree’s ethos connects both sustainability and the bridging of cultures from the powerful desert lands of the Mojave desert. Joshua Tree Coffee embodies the enigmatic lands in which the beans are in-house roasted. With the coffee reflecting the awe of nature and evoking the rustic and reinvigorating potential of the landscape. Throughout history, coffee has served as a source and a gift to bridge cultures which is something Joshua Tree permeates into its coffee, showcasing the warmth and spirit of community. A central role to Joshua Tree’s ethos is sustainability and giving back to the community by raising awareness of sustainable farming and organic products. Over 90% of the world's coffee is non-organic, using harsh pesticides and fertilizers that damage the ground from which they are cultivated. Promoting organic coffee is central to Joshua Tree prevailing the message of protecting and enhancing our environment. Joshua Tree’s unique coffee blends are roasted in-house on the harsh desert landscapes. The diverse and unconventional roast captures the spirit strength and grit of harsh and dynamic landscapes.

First Roast Medium Dark

First Roast is a diverse blend of Colombian, Honduran, and Ethiopian beans offering a harmonious balance between bold intensity and natural sweetness. Colombian beans offer you a sweet medium body with nutty undertones. Honduran coffee presents darker caramel notes with tropical fruity subtleties providing a full-bodied experience. Ethiopian offers a sensitive and delicate element with citrus tasting notes.

Espresso Dark

This dark blend espresso is inspired by traditional Italian dark roasts whilst giving a modern twist on a world renowned classic. Espresso Dark consists of Colombian and Honduran coffee beans offering you the bold richness of complexity you want in an espresso. The tasting notes of this rich blend include toffee sweetness with smooth milk chocolate and a rich punch.

Delicious Decaf Medium

Using the stand-alone natural Mountain Water Process (MWP) to remove 99.9% of caffeine, this roast retains the richness and deliciousness of Joshua Tree’s caffeinated blends. Decaf coffee no longer has to be weak, with Joshua Tree’s unique blend of Mexican beans. This delivers the smoothness and complexity of caffeinated roasts leaving you with notes of sweet nuttiness and chocolate hazelnut.

What makes Joshua Tree Coffee unique? 

Joshua Tree Coffee is in-house roasted in the Mojave desert, the vast awe-inspiring beauty of the desert landscape is reflected in each hand-selected roast. Joshua Tree works closely with the community to enrich sustainability.

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Joshua Tree Coffee - Premium Organic Blends
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