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Just About Foods - Green Banana Flour, 454g

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Quick Description

Just About Foods’ Green Banana Flour is a fantastic gluten-free flour option. No baker should go without it!

Key Information

  • Gluten-free banana flour
  • No artificial flavours
  • Great source of resistant starch
  • GMO-free
  • A great thickener

Product Overview

This single-ingredient flour is a baker’s delight. This gluten-free alternative is perfect for muffins, pancakes, bread, cookies and SO much more.

Just About Foods’ Green Banana Flour is not only is it a baker’s dream, but it’s also great for thickening your meals too. Heck, you could even throw it into your smoothies for a health kick.

Just About Foods’ Green Banana Flour is also a great source of resistant starch and inulin, which work as essential prebiotics.

This Green Banana Flour is a triple threat: versatile, delicious AND healthy.


Green banana

Frequently Asked Questions

How is banana flour made?

Historically, banana flours have been used in Jamaican and some African cooking. But with modern demands for gluten-free flours and rising awareness of how healthy and delicious banana flours can be, they are increasingly popular all around the world.

Banana flour is made using unripe green bananas. They are peeled, chopped, dried and then ground into flour. Banana flour has a very faint banana flavour when raw and when cooked it produces an earthy flavour without the banana undertones.

As well as having major health benefits, banana flours are great for the environment. So many green bananas are thrown away in the banana-growing process. As banana flour becomes more popular, there’s somewhere other than the garbage for these green bananas to go!

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Just About Foods - Green Banana Flour, 454g
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