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Just - Four Folded Plant Eggs, 227g

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Quick Description

Just Folded Plant Eggs are a tasty and sustainable plant-based egg alternative. Pre-folded for your convenience and ready to transform your favourite meals!

Key Information

  • Cholesterol free
  • Vegan egg alternative
  • Source of sustainable protein
  • Natural colouring from Turmeric
  • Award-winning frozen product

Product Overview 

Just’s new vegan alternative for eggs is the perfect addition to any vegan diet. These Folded Plant Eggs are conveniently folded and ready to cook out of the packet, intended to make your meal times quick and easy, especially for those on-the-go days. 

Simply heat your folded egg in the toaster, microwave or oven for that delicious and wholesome pre-cooked patty. Its rich flavours from the ancient legume, the mung bean, and natural colouring from turmeric make these folded eggs delicious on their own. They are also great on toast, in sandwiches or even mixed into fried rice or noodles.

These Folded Plant Eggs are an excellent source of pure and sustainable plant protein (7g) as well as being free from cholesterol. Made entirely from plants, this product uses significantly fewer resources than chicken’s eggs. 

Having won the Best New Frozen Product at Expo West’s NEXTY Awards in 2020, you can be confident that this egg replacement is a fan favourite with all. With this product, you can still enjoy the taste of eggs and obtain all your crucial nutrients without compromising on sustainability. 


Water, Mung bean protein isolate, Expeller-pressed canola oil, Corn starch, Less than 2% of baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated onion, Natural carrot extractives (colour), Natural turmeric extractives (color), Salt, Transglutaminase.

What is Just’s mission towards sustainability?

Just is dedicated to showing that plants can be an incredibly delicious and tasty alternative to chicken’s eggs. They use 98% less water and fewer carbon emissions to grow the mung beans used for their products in comparison to the 53 gallons of water it takes to produce one chicken egg. It’s a no brainer to make the switch to plant made eggs!

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Just - Four Folded Plant Eggs, 227g
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