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Kid’s Beach Collection

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Quick Description

The Kids Summer Beach Box from PlantX is the perfect box of essentials to take with you on your beach day. Think sunscreen, juice, snacks and wet wipes! It’s AMAZING how much sand they manage to drag back with them, right? Let us take care of the things we can control, by giving you a helping hand on the prep front.

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

Ahh, the beach. The beacon of summer - the ocean lapping at the shore, and the breeze gently teasing your hair. You lie back on your sunlounger and bring your frozen margarita to your lips and… hold up, hold up. We all know that we can’t begin, even dreaming of, our beach relaxation before the kids have been taken care of. Prepping for a beach holiday, or even just a day trip, can be stressful. We know! Let us help you by lightening your mental load. Less time packing and worrying means more time for everyone to enjoy the beach. We’ve thrown in all the things you’ll need to care for your little ones as they have fun in the sun. You just need to bring the bucket and spade! We’ve carefully curated this box of treats to make your beach outing more about the wining and less about the whining.

Bundle Breakdown

First things first: sunscreen. This was a no-brainer addition, more so because if you forget it, forget the beach! This high-protection sunscreen is made with kids in mind and will withstand their sand-frolicking and ocean swimming. Next, we thought about all the other antics kids can get up to. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes were the next necessities to throw in there. Ice cream all over the face (how?!), wet wipes - done. No soap in the public bathroom? Hand sanitizer - check. Anything to curtail the messiness! Now it’s definitely snack time. We decided on the delicious chocolate cookies (containing sneaky vegetables!) and the cute bunny gummies (vegan). These will keep the kids happy and they don’t contain any hidden nasties. As you’re heading home, whip out the pizza crackers to get everyone’s taste buds ready for dinner. Savory and yum, this low-carb, gluten-free snack is healthy and handy. Wash it all down with a chilled glass of organic apple juice, and we’d call that a successful day at the beach.

These snacks look delicious, but are they healthy?

We picked each of the snacks in this box because they will hit the spot, without all the hidden nasties. The gummies contain naturally occurring sugars, low in fast-absorbing, high-fructose corn syrup, which causes hyperactivity. The cookies are organic, totally nut-free and bring all the goodness of veggies, which are incorporated in the mix. The crackers are allergy-free and vegan, with no added oils. The apple juice is organic, made with the whole apple, and has no added sugar. Sounds good to us!

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Kid’s Beach Collection
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