Knudsen - Organic Beet Juice, 946ml

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Knudsen - Organic Beet Juice, 946ml

Brand - Knudsen
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Quick Description

Knudsen’s Organic Beet Juice is un-beet-able! Refreshing, delicious, and sweet, a glass of this Organic Beet Juice is packed full of healthy benefits.

Key Information

  • Contains 100% Juice
  • Has no added sugar
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified

Product Overview

Finding it hard to stay healthy? Don’t beet yourself up. Slow and steady wins the race, and once you finish, you can refresh yourself with a glass of Knudsen’s Organic Beet Juice! 

Knudsen’s Organic Beet Juice has no added sugars. The sweetness you’re getting is au natural. A serving of this beet juice only contains 90 calories and 520mg of Potassium. Other minerals that beet juice is known to provide are sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper.

By drinking beet juice frequently, it could help you lower your blood pressure and reduce your cholesterol levels. It may also help you with weight maintenance given that beet juice virtually contains no fat. Drinking beet juice has also been studied to have stamina-boosting effects.

Once you open a bottle of beet juice, please refrigerate it. It should be good to consume within 10 days if you keep it chilled. If you want to check for the expiration date, you can find it on the shoulder of the bottle. Unopened products will normally keep within 12 months of production. Shake before serving!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to find sedimentation at the bottom of my glass or bottle of Knudsen Organic Beet Juice?

Perfectly natural. Knudsen juice products go through filtration. Fruit segments, pulp, and other larger pieces are strained, but some smaller sediments are allowed to pass through. This is no problem at all and it is fine to drink it.