La Vida Vegan - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, 270g

La Vida Vegan - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, 270g
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La Vida Vegan - Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, 270g

Brand - La Vida Vegan
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Quick Description

Treat yourself to a jar of vegan heaven with La Vida Vegan’s Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Nutty, rich, and luxury smooth - welcome to indulgence at its finest.

Key Information

  • Made with 15% hazelnuts
  • Fair-trade
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Gluten-Free and Dairy Free
  • Made with low-fat cocoa powder

Product Overview

We didn’t think perfection existed until La Vida Vegan Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Spread walked into our lives. A jar of vegan goodness. Just the right combination of nutty to chocolatey. Rich, lavish, and luxury smooth. It’s the chocolatey kick every vegan cupboard needs.

Organic, made with 15% hazelnuts and 100% palm oil-free. This jar of nutty deliciousness is also completely fair trade. So, you can enjoy spooning it out of the jar whilst knowing the farmers obtained fair prices. What’s not to love?


Sunflower Oil, Cane Sugar, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Butter, Defatted Cocoa Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Rice Syrup Powder, Bourbon Vanilla Powder.

How can I enjoy my La Vida Hazelnut Chocolate Spread?

With something so tasty, the options are endless. However, here at PlantX, we recommend spreading over your morning toast with chopped banana, drizzling over vegan pancakes and serving with raspberries, or dolloping on vegan cupcakes and topping with sprinkles. 

Or just let your imagination run wild - when something’s this good, you can’t go wrong ...