LeGrand - Vegan Yogurt - Cold Brew Coffee (113g & 500g)

LeGrand - Vegan Yogurt - Cold Brew Coffee (113g & 500g)

Brand - Le Grand
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Quick Description

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! Organic, no GMOs, gluten-free, and as natural as can be, try LeGrand’s Cold Brew Coffee Vegan Yogurt today.

Key Information

  • Comforting coffee aroma
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Certified organic and no GMOs
  • Billions of live active cultures

Product Overview

Are you crazy about coffee? Then you’ll love this! LeGrand’s Cold Brew Coffee Vegan Yogurt is a vibrant flavour sensation!

Support your microbiome in the best way. Free from artificial additives, gluten, and GMOs, it’s packed full of high-quality, organic ingredients. Better yet, each serving has 5 billion live cultures to nurture your gut health.

The LeGrand founders have chosen wholesome ingredients from the very best suppliers to create the most marvellous plant-based treats imaginable. Delicious with crunchy granola or added to smoothies for breakfast, this vegan yogurt is also a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up!


Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Sugar (Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut Sugar), Organic Cashews, Organic Rice, Organic Ground Coffee, Organic Cacao Butter, Sea Salt, Agar-agar, Live Active Cultures, Organic Vanilla Powder
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconut, Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t LeGrand use gums or thickeners in its yogurts?

The team at LeGrand believes that the food we eat should be as natural and pure as possible. This means no nasties in its recipes!

Free from gums, thickening compounds, so-called “natural flavours”, preservatives, and additives, LeGrand chooses to keep its ingredient lists as simple and clean as possible. Without unnatural gums and thickening compounds, it instead chooses to use a blend of rice and agar-agar to create the indulgently thick, smooth texture of its yogurts.

Rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, you can enjoy safe in the knowledge that what you’re putting into your body is good for your body!

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