Love Child - Puree - Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes, 128ml

Love Child - Puree - Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes, 128ml
Love Child - Puree - Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes, 128ml - back
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Love Child - Puree - Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes, 128ml

Brand - Love Child Organics
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Quick Description

Look after your little ones’ tummies with Love Child’s Puree Pears, Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes combo. Convenient, organic, and scrumptious - this is snacking made fuss-free!

Key Information

  • Organic and 100% vegan
  • Great natural source of Vitamin C
  • Gluten-free
  • No added artificial colours, flavours, sugar, or salt
  • BPA free packaging

Product Overview

We’ve all been there ... The ever-lasting struggle to find organic, nutritious, and easy snacks that your little one will love. Sound relatable? Say hello to Love Child. 

Delicious, nutrient-dense, and organic purees designed to nourish your little one’s tum. With absolutely zero artificial colours or flavours, no added salt or sugar, and 100% nut-free, gluten-free and vegan - it’s simple snacking, without the fuss! 

Real food, real flavour, and real easy - Love Child’s Carrots, Green Beans & Prunes puree is no exception! Satisfyingly sweet, made with earthy carrots, fresh green beans, quinoa, and acerola, it’s a simple, but excellent mix. 

Ideal for babies who are starting solids. Packaged in a resealable pouch for the ultimate on-the-go convenience. Meet the perfect puree to incorporate into your baby or toddler’s diet. 

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up, save yourself the fuss, and spend more time enjoying the little moments!


Organic pears, organic carrots, organic beans, organic prunes, water, organic quinoa, organic acerola, organic lemon juice concentrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my Love Child Puree has no added preservatives, how is it shelf stable? 

Shelf-stable, but no added preservatives? Sounds too good to be true. We know. But it is! Love Child’s ensures all their recipes are hostile to bacteria but completely safe for your little one’s tum - without any added bad bits. 

Sometimes this means a dash of lemon juice concentrate, sometimes this means flash-pasteurizing fruit blends to kill existing or dormant bacteria. It also means that pouches are always filled hot, and a vacuum is used to make sure there is no oxygen in the pouch before the cap is tightly screwed on! 

So there you have it. Nothing but preservative-free love, safety, and care, to make sure every pouch is able to wait until your little one is ready for it!