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Maison Orphée - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate, 500ml

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Quick Description

Impress your guests with Maison Orphée’s Delicate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With buttery textures and an aromatic minty essence, it’s a kitchen staple!

Key Information

  • Originates from Spain &/or Argentina
  • Naturally Contains Fatty Acids Omega-9
  • Mint and Green Banana Aroma
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains Polyphenols

Product Overview

For all the food connoisseurs out there, Maison Orphée’s Delicate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be your next kitchen cupboard essential for home cooking! With hints of aromatic mint and green banana, this is no ordinary olive oil. 

A treat for the taste buds and nose, this product also has a subtle green almond aroma. This is the perfect complement for home-cooked meals and is ideal for accompanying pesto-based dishes, sautés or drizzling on top of salads. 

Maison Orphée’s Olive Oil is naturally rich in monounsaturated fatty acids omega-9, which are beneficial to increasing good HDL cholesterol levels and decreasing bad LDL cholesterol levels. 

This refined and organic olive oil also contains polyphenols. These are natural antioxidants that may help to prevent blood clots, reduce blood sugar, and lower heart disease risk! 


Organic Extra Virgin Gluten Free Olive Oil containing Olives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Maison Orphée produce high-quality products with equally decadent flavours?

Maison Orphée never compromises top quality for delicious tasting olive oil. With over thirty years in the business, they are the experts in the production of cold-pressed oils. That’s why you can be sure to trust their skills and knowledge to produce authentic olive oil made with nothing less than the highest quality fruits and seeds. 

The reason its oils are so irresistible is due to the manufacturing process. Mansion Orphée carefully performs several tests regarding GMOs, yeasts and moulds and rigorously ensures the cleanliness of its equipment is always on its A-game. Its skillfully trained team monitors the temperature control during oil production to assure every bottle of Maison Orphée olive oil is a near-perfect addition for your home cooking! Now that’s what we call the best of the best!

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Maison Orphée - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Delicate, 500ml
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