Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton - Natural Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, 150g

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton - Natural Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, 150g

Brand - Marphyl
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Quick Description

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton brings you hand-harvested Fleur de Sel. A sprinkle of any of these Natural Sea Salt flavours will level up any dish!

Key Information

  • Hand-harvested Natural Sea Salt
  • Naturally dried to preserve mineral content
  • Contains over 80 minerals
  • No salt grinding needed

Product Overview

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton has taken natural Fleur de Sel and jarred it up so that all of us can enjoy some at home!

One jar of Fleur de Sel, otherwise known as French sea salt, contains 100% all-natural and hand-harvested sea salt! It’s also perfectly sized so you won’t need to use a salt grinder. Just pinch the amount you need.

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton’s Fleur de Sel comes in an assortment of flavours!

Marine Phytoplankton

This jar contains naturally dried Sea Salt. Drying sea salt retains its natural trace minerals - and there are a lot of them - over 80 to be precise!


Salty, smoky, and earthy, the pairing of Rosemary and Sea Salt just works. It’ll add a great depth to pasta dishes, tofu steaks, fried rice, and even stir-fires. Try some on french Ffies, too!


Talk about a spice blend! This Sea Salt has a complex saltiness that blends perfectly with the warmness of turmeric. This will work well with curries and roasted veggies.

Lime & Cayenne

Zesty sea salt with a kick describes this Lime & Cayenne Sea Salt quite well. They say that a zest of lime can add just a touch of finesse to dishes and this is no exception!


Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton Sea Salt
Natural white Sea Salt

Marphyl Rosemary Sea Salt
Natural white Sea Salt, dried spices

Marphyl Turmeric Sea Salt
Natural white Sea Salt, dried spices

Marphyl Lime & Cayenne Sea Salt
Natural white Sea Salt, dried spices

Frequently Asked Questions

What even is Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton?

Great question! Put simply, it’s micro-algae that our oceanic friends need to survive. Its got trace minerals, antioxidants, omegas, amino acids, and even vitamins!

Can I use Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton’s Natural Sea Salt for skincare?

Yes, you can! Why not use this Fleur de Sel to make face and body scrubs?