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Native Forest® - Dairy Free Cashew Milk Powder, 100g

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Quick Description

Make hot drinks fuss-free and mess-free, with Native Forest Dairy-Free Cashew Milk Powder.

Key Information

  • Easily transportable instant vegan milk alternative
  • Just mix with hot water!
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 100% gluten-free and vegan
  • Contains the prebiotic inulin

Product Overview

Travelling as a vegan can be stressful, and you can’t always guarantee hotels and cafes will have any dairy alternatives to put in your much-needed morning brew.

With Native Forest Dairy-FreeCashew milk powder, you don’t have to worry anymore! Simply pop it in your suitcase and you’ll have a gluten-free vegan creamer wherever you go. 

Just add a tablespoon or two to hot water and mix thoroughly to dissolve. Instantly create a rich and creamy milk alternative that you can pour into hot drinks or over cereal. 

You can also use it in your favourite recipes, just keep a pack in the cupboard to dip into! We love adding it for extra flavour and a silky-smooth texture in curries, soups and casseroles.

At just 40 calories per serving, Dairy-Free Cashew Milk powder is a natural, easy and low-calorie way to increase flavour and richness. As it's made with raw cashews, you get all the natural nutritional benefits of these high protein nuts too! 


Cashews, Inulin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inulin and why has Native Forest included it in their cashew milk powder?

Quite simply, inulin is the magic ingredient! Inulin is a source of fibre found in some plants. Adding this helpful plant-based prebiotic gives all the expected benefits of prebiotics. It may also help manage digestive problems. 

Even more importantly, it makes turning ground cashews into a powder that properly dissolves in your favourite beverages and dishes a dream so you can be assured of a lump-free, creamy result.

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Native Forest® - Dairy Free Cashew Milk Powder, 100g
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