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Brand - North Water

North Water - High Alkaline Spring Water, 650ml

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Quick Description

High Alkaline Spring Water from North Water is sourced from the Rocky Mountains! This pure glacier water is naturally high in alkalinity and minerals.

Key Information

  • 8.2 +/- alkalinity
  • Reusable 100% aluminum bottle
  • Made in Canada
  • Plastic-free
  • BPA free

Product Overview

North Water brings you the purest glacier water, sourced from the secluded Rocky Mountain springs. This High Alkaline Spring Water is a natural luxury from our bountiful earth!

Haven’t heard of alkaline water before? Let us explain what the hype is about.

Alkaline water means that the water is higher in pH than regular drinking water. Regular drinking water usually has a neutral pH of 7, while alkaline water has a pH between 8 and 9.

Alkaline water also contains alkaline minerals and antioxidants.

North Water packs all the natural minerals and alkalinity of Rocky Mountain’s springs into its High Alkaline Spring Water. On top of all that, this High Alkaline Spring Water is packed in a 100% reusable aluminum bottle!


100% Pure High Alkaline Spring Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is alkaline water better than regular water?

Let’s be clear, both are great for hydration. But the higher pH in alkaline water makes alkaline water a bit more special: it comes from sources that are rich in minerals. Alkaline water is also said to promote the immune system and clean the colon.

When buying alkaline water, it is important not to buy water that is processed in order to add the alkalinity. High Alkaline Spring Water from North Water is naturally high in alkalinity.

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North Water - High Alkaline Spring Water, 650ml
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