Patch - Kids Adhesive Bandages - Coconut Oil, 25pk

Patch - Kids Adhesive Bandages - Coconut Oil, 25pk - front
Patch - Kids Adhesive Bandages - Coconut Oil, 25pk - back
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Patch - Kids Adhesive Bandages - Coconut Oil, 25pk

Brand - Patch
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Quick Description

Enriched with coconut oil and coming in a cute panda design, the Patch Kids Adhesive Bandages with Coconut Oil are perfect for treating your kid’s scratches and scrapes. 

Key Information

  • Compostable, breathable bandages
  • Hypoallergenic and sterile
  • Enriched with coconut oil
  • Made from organic bamboo fibre 
  • Biodegradable plastic wrapper 

Product Overview

Patch up your little pandas with these Adhesive Bandages from Patch.

The Patch Kids Adhesive Bandages are fortified with coconut oil which has soothing and antioxidant properties to help heal little scrapes and scratches. 

Patch has designed these Kids Adhesive Bandages with the planet in mind. That’s why the band-aids are compostable, the plastic wrapper is biodegradable and the backing paper and cardboard tube are recyclable. 

These Kids Adhesive bandages are made from 100% natural, sterile and hypoallergenic bamboo fibre for maximum breathability. The cute panda design also helps to comfort children when they need it most. 


Natural bamboo fibre, Aloe Vera.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Patch Kids Adhesive Bandages safe for children with sensitive skin?

Yes, Patch Kids Adhesive Bandages are safe for sensitive skin because they are free from the chemicals found in standard band-aids. Instead, Patch uses nanotechnology to make its bandages gently stick to the skin without causing any nasty reactions.