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Pitaya Plus - Avocado Pieces, 12 oz

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Gone are the days for spoiled avocados when you have Pitaya Plus Organic Avocado Pieces stored in your fridge. With these frozen avocado cuts, you no longer need to spend time in the kitchen to peel and slice as they already come in ripe bite-sized pieces you can use and snack on the go. Although mini in size, this super fruit is packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and loaded with heart-healthy nutrients that help maintain cholesterol levels, support digestion, support bone health, and reduce depression. Just thaw them in the microwave or let them sit out for a few minutes to soften, and then feel free to use them in smoothies, guacamole, salads, and more!

Ingredients: "Organic Hass Avocado, Less Than 0.5% Of Lime Juice And Ascorbic Acid "

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Pitaya Plus - Avocado Pieces, 12 oz
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