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PlantFusion – Collagen Beauty Watermelon, 6.35 oz

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The refreshing summer flavor of watermelon plus the benefits of collagen only in Plant Fusion Collagen Beauty – Watermelon. Rooted in nourishment, this 100 percent plant-based dietary supplement boosts natural collagen building from within, promotes healthy skin and joints and protects existing collagen. Free from dairy, gluten and GMOs and made from an advanced blend of peptides and botanicals.

Ingredients: "Organic coconut nectar powder, Glycine, L-Proline, Saberry(Emblica officinalis)(Amla)Fruit Extract, plant peptides, coconut water blend, PhytoCeramides, Dermaval(plant concentrates of pomgranate, asparagus, abelmoschus esculentus,coffea arabica, sphora japonica, Brazilian Acerola cherry, amazon Camu Camu, Brazilian Acai Berry, Thai mangosteen), OxyPhyte, organic acacia powder, beet root powder, natural flavor, stevia extract powder, organic lucuma powder, organic yacon powder, monk fruit extract powder

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PlantFusion – Collagen Beauty Watermelon, 6.35 oz
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