Prairie Harvest - Organic Spaghetti, 454g

Prairie Harvest - Organic Spaghetti, 454g- Pantry 1
Prairie Harvest - Organic Spaghetti, 454g- Pantry 2
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Prairie Harvest - Organic Spaghetti, 454g

Brand - Prairie Harvest
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Quick Description

Upgrade your pantry with the Organic Spaghetti from Prairie Harvest. A must-have cupboard essential, great for nights in or when hosting guests.

Key Information

  • Made from 100% Organic Durum Wheat
  • All ingredients are harvested in Canada 
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains gluten
  • Source of fibre
  • Low sodium 

Product Overview

Whip up a bowl of heart-warming spaghetti. This all-too-familiar comfort food is made even better with Prairie Harvest’s Organic Spaghetti. This spaghetti can be enjoyed guilt-free and are sure to become a must-have pantry essential.

Made from organically harvested durum wheat sourced in Western Canada, Prairie Harvest delivers a Canadian pasta that is full of Italian quality, without compromising on its commitment to sustainability and the environment. 

Made with 100% Organic Durum Wheat, this spaghetti is a great source of fibre and is low in sodium - making them a much healthier alternative to most pasta on the market. The Organic Spaghetti will be sure to help you feel your best. 

So whether they’re being devoured in front of a movie on the couch or nibbled at a dinner party with friends, Prairie Harvest’s Organic Spaghetti is perfect for all occasions. 

Cooking Instructions

Make sure that your water is “salty like the sea” before bringing to a simmer. Plunge spaghetti in the water and simmer for about 10 minutes until al dente.


100% Organic Durum Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Prairie Harvest? 

Here at PlantX, we love brands that are committed to providing their customers with the very best ingredients, all while making environmentally conscious choices. Prairie Harvest is dedicated to using entirely locally sourced ingredients when making its range of much-loved pasta. In recent years they’ve got a lot of praise for their commitment to providing everyone with high-quality, organic ingredients at an affordable price.