Pranin Organic - PureFood Vitamins (A-Z, B, Iron)

Pranin Organic - PureFood Vitamins (A-Z, B, Iron)

Brand - Pranin Organic
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Quick Description

Get a kick-start on your nutrition with Pranin Organic’s range of organic vitamin powders, packed with essential vitamins and minerals for every nutritional goal.

Key Information

  • 100% organic and vegan
  • Made exclusively with all-natural whole-food ingredients
  • No mystery fillers or additives
  • Just add a few teaspoons to your daily juice or smoothie

Product Overview

Modern life is hard, and getting all of your essential nutrients can be hard too. We all want to look after our nutritional health but fitting it all in can be exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a 100% organic, all-natural range of powders that you could add to your favourite juice or smoothie to make this simple? Yes, you guessed it, that’s exactly what Prana Organic has done! 

Directions: Add 2-4 teaspoons daily to at least 500ml of liquid in your favourite smoothie, fresh-pressed juice, or water. Refrigerate your jar after opening.

PureFood A-Z, 300g

Pranin Organic calls this product Mother Nature’s multivitamin, and here at PlantX, we can’t argue! Containing a source of 25 essential vitamins and minerals extracted from organic herbs, fruits and veggies, this powder is for those who want to make getting in all of their fruit and veggie’s nutrition as easily as it can possibly be.

PureFood B, 45g

It’s not easy to get all of your B vitamins on a totally plant-based diet, so it's important for vegans to make sure they are taking the right supplements. B vitamins are essential for helping maintain energy levels, brain function and cell metabolism; you don’t want to miss out! PureFood B fulfills all of your vitamin B requirements in just a few scoops.

PureFood Iron, 30g

No one wants to eat spinach all day, and synthetic iron tablets can cause intestinal discomfort. Prana’s iron powder contains just a few simple ingredients that together provide up to 150% of your daily recommended iron intake. It’s a win all round; no upset tummies and less time eating salad! 


PureFood A-Z, 300g
Organic moringa leaves, carrots, apples, spirulina, beets, red seaweed, spinach, cabbage, kale, collard, alfalfa leaves, guava leaves, parsley, amla berries, lemons, sesbania, holy basil, annatto seeds, Portobello mushrooms, Icelandic kelp, cilantro, horsetail, & mustard seeds.

PureFood B, 45g
Organic guava, lemon, holy basil, and spirulina.

PureFood Iron, 30g
Organic curry leaves, moringa leaves, and amla berries. 

Why are Prana’s vitamin powders better than synthetic vitamin pills?

You’ve probably seen multiple pills in drugstores and supermarkets, with content labels full of weird chemical-sounding ingredients that you can’t pronounce, claiming to be able to fill your nutritional needs. 

Prana takes a different, more natural approach! There is research to suggest synthetic vitamins aren’t absorbed or utilized anywhere near as efficiently as those obtained directly from food. You can be confident that Prana’s powders are full of organic, plant-based ingredients that you might recognize from your local health-food shop or greengrocers. 

This means that your daily vitamin dose is not only more effective but also packed with real, whole food nutrients that you can be confident about putting into your body. 

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